Thoughts on the science and philosophy of embodied minds, and the lives that can be; the more personal, broader complement to my laboratory research on the biophysical mechanisms of embodied intelligence.

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Upcoming Content Includes:

  • Essays on biology, AI, philosophy, and relevant fiction
  • Biographies of people who have had an influence on me
  • Transcripts of internal conversations on issues of science and philosophy
  • Interviews with remarkable scientists: established stars across fields, and introductions to new young researchers
  • Software/code for productivity and/or fun
  • AI- and mathematically-generated art
  • Favorite links to others’ content
  • Notes on messages I try to transmit to my students – from personal advice (coming into, or leaving, the lab) to class materials
  • Notifications of new findings from our lab, with explanations for the interested public
  • Ask-Me-Anything events (Q&A sessions)
  • Photography (nature, infrared, and macrophotography)
  • Complete list of books in my library and occasional book reviews
  • My whole Endnote library of references (curated list of science papers I cite)
  • Infographics and other downloadable educational content such as Powerpoint slides
  • Personal recommendations for science books, sci-fi, etc.
  • What our group is currently working on and how I see the work developing in the future