DeepDream Computer Art

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Here are some images I generated back around 2015-2016 using Alex Mordvintsev’s Deep Dream method, modifying existing photos or making new ones.

5 responses to “DeepDream Computer Art”

  1. Teja Avatar

    Cool images! Thanks for sharing your creations with us, Mike. 🙂

  2. Tiffany J Isbell Avatar
    Tiffany J Isbell

    Beautiful visions, Michael!

  3. Michael Wright Avatar
    Michael Wright

    This is very interesting but would you be able to also post the original images?

    1. Mike Levin Avatar
      Mike Levin

      Unfortunately these were made a few years ago and I don’t have time to dig for the originals. If I come across them I will, but it’s not super-likely in the short term.

      1. Michael Wright Avatar
        Michael Wright

        That’s a shame understandable considering the gravity of your research! Thanks for the reply and keep being awesome 👍

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