Experiments in AI Art with Midjourney #3

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  1. David Lemmer Avatar
    David Lemmer

    Thanks for the post! One question I like to ask people/friends familiar with the Levin Lab’s work is : “If they are successful and develop the anatomic compiler enabling morphological freedom; What if anything would you modify about your own morphology/physiologic competency and why?”

    I’ll start: I think that there are 4 modifications that immediately come to mind for me. 1) 4-5 foot long suction-cupped tentacles that attach at the scapula because I think that interacting with the would with both tentacles and our rigid digits would probably expand what it means to “grasp” both physically and cognitively. 2) Beetle wings that are able to fold into a small form factor but still able to allow brief periods of flight such that I could traverse 15′ in the vertical and 30-40′ in the horizontal plane 3) Peripheral nerve cells that I could consciously grow like mycelia such that I can create electrical interface with digital technologies; ideally I’d like to be able to detach and reconnect with such interfaces grown previously. 4) Regenerative capacity and cancer resistance like we observe in salamander (I don’t know that I’d want to go as far as Planaria)

    1. Mike Levin Avatar
      Mike Levin

      Very nice, especially #3. A welcome change from the weirdly-consistent #1 thing people (ok, men) email me they’d like to add to their existing anatomy…

      I think all of that would be possible except that I don’t know if beetle wings would actually provide flight, there may be strength/weight issues there, I’m not sure. Eventually everyone will have some of their “custom mods” listed on their Web4 virtual page, so you can pick and choose from others’ ideas.

      1. Matt Avatar

        I’d just like to get my hairs back, that’s possible right? asking for all the bald guys out there.

  2. Teja Avatar

    Wow, awesome. <3

  3. Pamela Lyon Avatar
    Pamela Lyon

    Worlds upon worlds upon worlds. Infinite gratitude for this amazing journey into your mind. Keep conjuring! (And sharing!)

  4. Mike Levin Avatar
    Mike Levin

    Thanks. I did all these quite a while ago, when Midjourney first came out and I was testing it out. I’ve got one or two more sets to put up.

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