Macrophotography I

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I like taking pictures of biological subjects; here are some photos from the last few years (mostly with a Sony 6000alpha camera with a macro lens). I usually look for these on my daily walks; also any insect finding its way into my house usually gets a photo-shoot before being escorted outside. Click on an image for a higher-resolution view.

7 responses to “Macrophotography I”

  1. Tiffany J Isbell Avatar
    Tiffany J Isbell

    Beautiful photos! The Simpsons theme song is now stuck in my head. “The Simpsons!” 😂

  2. wayne Lewis Avatar
    wayne Lewis

    Stunning pictures

  3. Bob Averill Avatar

    Cool pics and I like the compassion for all sentient beings

  4. Hank Liliënthal Avatar
    Hank Liliënthal

    Yeah, really cool pics; and do not forget to enjoy your walks!

  5. Lio Hong Avatar
    Lio Hong

    Thank you for sharing, Dr Levin. It’s nice that you’re compassionate to insects as well. Apparently even honeybees and wasps might be able to recognise not only the faces of their hivemates, but even humans as well.

  6. Pankaj Trivedi Avatar
    Pankaj Trivedi

    Fantastic pics!!

  7. Sonali Sengupta Avatar
    Sonali Sengupta

    Exquisitley detailed pictures. Your camera lens must be very fine.

    Regards, Sonali.

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