Some Experiments in AI Art with Midjourney

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Click an image to see a (possibly truncated) version of the prompt used for each one. Click the image again for a high-resolution version.

8 responses to “Some Experiments in AI Art with Midjourney”

  1. Naudi Avatar

    Do you think generative AI will use the psychedelic “realm” to inform us about reality? All this art is already very psychedelic…

    1. Mike Levin Avatar
      Mike Levin

      I have no experience with psychedelics, and am not sure what the psychedelic “realm” is, so I don’t know. But, I do think that AI (and many other constructs, like our synthetic biobots etc.) are a kind of periscope or exploration vehicle of latent spaces that we otherwise don’t see, so yes I think they are informing us about a wider reality than what our default senses/mind can easily access otherwise.

      1. Naudi Avatar

        Psychedelic realm is like the state of awareness you’re in when you take mushrooms or something like it. I only dabbled in them for a short time to see if there was some sort of wisdom in them, but I didn’t really get anything from them. No innovations or anything like that. Perhaps more of an awareness of how I process data.

        When I saw the images you presented in this post, very similar associations came from when I have taken psychedelics.

        Thanks again for the insights Dr. Levin. I feel extremely privileged to get to engage with you like this. Have a good rest of your day.

  2. B.c.Mitchell Avatar

    Random mutation as a mechanism of navigating time’s surprises and the associative/combinatorial exercises of today’s AI seem fundamentally different from a growing brain specifying the next generation’s skull size in the womb. What is the relation between energy and matter in life?

    1. Mike Levin Avatar
      Mike Levin

      Today’s AI is indeed quite different from the biological architecture that enables problem-solving in cells and tissues. We’re still working to understand, it’s very early days.

  3. Hank Liliënthal Avatar
    Hank Liliënthal

    Really looks very beautiful, but I hope our women will not have to go through giving birth in the future. So skull size and womb are obsolete. Redesigning our architecture and inventing better ways to create the next generation, should be high on the priority list of AI. Flinging genes together and waiting for a favorable outcome, has not given mankind a real way out. 😉

  4. Barry Avatar

    Very cool, reminds me of ‘Hilma of Klint’ and the work she was doing 100 yrs ago. Especially ‘What is inside a Bacteria’ , its definitively the type of pallette and forms she worked with.
    Would enjoy seeing more.

    1. Mike Levin Avatar
      Mike Levin

      Thanks! Plenty more coming soon.

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